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Jules Doran Reflexology (MAR, MARR)Specialising in women and children’s
health and wellbeing in Prestwood

what is reflexology?
Reflexology is a relaxing complementary therapy based on the principle that reflexes of the feet, hands or face relate to the different organs and body systems. When pressure is applied to them it promotes relaxation, encouraging the body’s healing process to restore natural balance. Reflexology can be used as a restorative or preventative treatment for both the body and the mind and it can enhance emotional wellbeing, support healthier sleep patterns and create a sense of well being and calm. It is very gentle and suitable for all ages and I have treated my children from birth. Taking a holistic approach each treatment is tailored to your emotional and physical goals.. Many people find it effective in helping to manage or alleviate symptoms of a range of conditions after just a couple of treatments, however people suffering long term chronic conditions may require a course of treatments before they feel any significant improvement. The Association of Reflexologists have produced a video to introduce reflexology.

how can reflexology benefit me?
Our lives are stressful and we often neglect ourselves. Chronic stress has a significant detrimental effect on our immune system and is known to be a contributory factor in many illness'. Reflexology works in several way to to combat stress. Firstly the anticipation of spending one hour on yourself is relaxing for the mind, the restorative power of touch is huge and reflexology stimulates the nervous system and to bring about homeostatis which reduces the impact of stress which has a positive impact on the body both mentally and physically.

People have reflexology for a variety of reasons;

  • Stress management and anxiety related conditions
  • Management of pain
  • Promote healthy sleep pattern
  • Encouraging the lymphatic drainage thus helping swelling and toxin elimination and strengthening immunity
  • Improving circulation
  • Before, during and after pregnancy
  • Digestive issues
  • Hormonal imbalances - menopausal symptoms, PCOS, irregular menstrual cycles, endometriosis
  • Helping to relieve symptoms of various health conditions
  • Improving sense of wellbeing

Reflexology & your treatment. Room

treatment room
The therapy room is a calm, tranquil space and my treatments are relaxed and confidential. Situated in the village of Prestwood in Buckinghamshire, just off the A413 and close to Amersham, High Wycombe, Chesham and Princes Risborough, I offer parking space on my drive and the premises are wheelchair accessible. Appointments can be made for the daytime, evening and weekends, I aim to be flexible. Home and corporate visits can also be arranged.


How long is the appointment and what to expect
You will complete a health and lifestyle questionnaire including what you hope to achieve from your treatments. During your consultation we will devise a treatment plan tailored to your concerns, symptoms and needs. This may include a combination of treatments (facial and foot reflexology or RLD)

After removing your socks and shoes, you will skink into the very relaxing zero gravity chair made super comfortable with blankets and pillows. You may opt to have the chair heated or to wear an eye mask. Lighting and music will create a calming ambience and your feet will be cleansed with warm cloths and your treatment will combine relaxing massage and pressure applied to the reflexes of your feet and lower legs using vegan balms infused with oils. For facial reflexology your face will be cleansed and Neal's Yard Rose oil is use for your treatment in which I use a combination of finger and thumb pressure and deeply relaxing massage techniques. Some like to chat and relax, some like to chat and some like to switch off. It is your treatment and you can choose. The end of your treatment is not rushed. After being offered water we will chat about the treatment and we can discuss any sensitive or congested areas and I will advise on aftercare or some self help hand reflexology.

First appointments include a consultation - please allow 80 minutes. Subsequent appointments are 60 minutes with 55 minutes of reflexology. Longer treatments are also available and are popular for mixed foot and facial reflexology and for preparation for labour for which a double appointment is sometimes booked.

how will I feel after the treatment?
Relaxed, calm and energised with an increased sense of well-being. Your sleep should be deeper and more restful. You may have a healing reaction and may feel teary, lethargic or tired for up to 48 hours. These are normal reactions and are part of the healing process, please support yourself by drinking plenty of water and resting.

how soon will I notice an improvement and how many treatments will I need?
The effects of reflexology are cumulative and I recommend 4-6 weekly treatments to kick start healing and improve your health and wellbeing. . The longer you have had health issues the longer they take to heal and the closer together the treatments, the quicker the results. Clients with swelling who opt for the Reflexology Lymph Drainage normally see and improvement and reduction in swelling at the first treatment (it is amazing) and will continue to do so with subsequent treatments. Many people use reflexology as a fortnightly or monthly wellbeing maintenance to help maintain good health, to support the management of health conditions, or to support monthly cycles.

will it hurt or tickle?
No, I use my fingers and no tools, my pressure is firm but reflexology should not be painful. You you may feel sensitivity or momentary discomfort which normally relates to an area of imbalance in the body, these feeling will pass as the area is worked on. You will not find it ticklish after the first few seconds and most people find the treatment so relaxing that they fall asleep.

what should I wear?
Loose clothing, trousers that can be rolled up and no tights as they are a faff. Contact lenses are not advisable as you may sleep. Facial treatments are carried out on a bare face and I will remove makeup however you may wish to arrive with minimal/ no makeup

Do I need to shave my legs/ have a pedicure.
No, honestly, please don't worry. I cleanse your feet and face prior to treatment and I love a hairy leg and un pedicured feet

aftercare advice
After your treatment ideally I’d like you to relax for the rest of the day and delegate your to do list. Failing that please do as little as possible ensuring that you keep yourself hydrated with plenty of water and herbal teas and avoid stimulants. I would like you to try and follow any aftercare advice given.

reflexology contraindications
Please let me know if you are affected with any of the following as you are unable to receive reflexology until you have healed.
Acute undiagnosed pain | Cellulitis | Contagious or notifiable disease | Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) | Drugs/alcohol abuse | Gangrene | or if you are awaiting medical tests or procedures

I can give you reflexology if you have cuts, bruises, verrucas, corns and fungus infections as I can avoid the affected areas or treat the corresponding reflex on your hands. If you have any concerns or queries then please do contact me.

A good reflexologist will not diagnose or claim to cure. Reflexology is a holistic treatment that aims to balance the body and to help support the healing process and not to compliment and not replace any conventional medicine.

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